Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Plan, A Plan, Kerry Says He Has A Plan

In his New York speech, Kerry said "I believe the invasion of Iraq has made us less secure and weaker in the war against terrorism. I have a plan to fight a smarter, more effective war on terror – and make us safer."

I could possibly accept this if I felt that Kerry were truly informed about intelligence and foreign policy. He evidently has had so much self confidence in his own beliefs that he did not have to attend the Senate Committe Meetings dealing either with intelligence or foreign relations. He has not visited Iraq so his knowledge of what is really going on there is limited to second hand information. How many phone conferences has he had with Prime Minister Allawi? None that he has mentioned. Then what are his sources of information on Iraq? Does he know anything
about Iraq from our military who are there? Does he know anything from a single Iraqi who is looking forward to seeing his country achieve democratic rule?

This leads me to believe he probably doesn't know as much as many of the pajama clad
bloggers who take time to gain information from many different sources. At times I am in awe of the knowledge of the maligned bloggers. Military, legal, historical and technological expertise abound and when they pursue accuracy in their information on any given topic, there are many more with the ability to analyse and synthesize the information. I keep learning and thinking as new viewpoints are expressed.

Why is it that the more I listen to Kerry, the less I know about his true beliefs.
For a man who has really sloughed off his duty as a Senator in regard to important
Senate committees and who has initiated no significant legislation in nearly 20 years in the senate, Kerry offers me little reason to accept his judgement.
He does not offer up to date information on Iraq and seems unaware that Sammara has been restored to government control even though the control is tenuous. He mentions nothing about the citizens of Najaf who are rebuilding their city, welcoming the Iraqi Police and the Americans. Is he unaware that the people of Najaf do not want Sadr and ilk in their city and will no longer accept terrorists in their midst.

I for one am tired of Kerry's assertion that he has a plan. He states he has a plan
for making any situation he is talking about better. If he is a true statesman, why is he not sharing his magnificent plans to solve our problems now? I question if he has a well thought out plan to improve any situation. Actually, how could he have a defined plan for anything since he has taken so many different stances that one waits for the day before election to see what the policies du jour are.

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