Friday, September 17, 2004

Kofi Annan

How did this man ever get elected to the position in the United Nations? He is a disgrace to freedom loving people. The Food for Oil scandal happened on his watch. Sudan is happening every day with the genocide of thousands of people. Yesterday, he pronounced that the war in Iraq is illegal. The war which was started in early 2003 has evidently just come to his attention or is it that he is mad at Colin Powell for calling Genocide in Sudan exactly what it is.

I was a believer in the value of the United Nations in its early years. How good to have reasonable people, from every country, get together to debate current problems and together make decisions for the international good of all of mankind. How badly has this now failed. International corruption is okay and liberating a nation suffering under a cruel dictator is wrong. Killing an entire ethnic group in the Sudan should not be happening, but we merely tell its' government to try to do better.

Seems that the current agenda of the United Nations is to rule the world. Some of the pressing issues appear to be preventing citizens of any nation from having the right to bear arms. Registration, followed by confiscation of fire arms has already
happened in Britain. Canada is having a difficult time trying to do the same thing.
The UN would surely like this to be accomplished in the United States.

Methods by which every nation could be taxed, according to its wealth, seems to be
a goal for this organization to demand more money from the civilized world to give to developing nations. As a US citizen I support our efforts such as donating funds to combat AIDS in countries overwhelmed by this disease. I support efforts to feed the world's hungry. Charitable donations are the way in which we as Americans care for our fellow man both at home and abroad. I am against any world body legislating to the US where, when we how much we donate.

Schemes to tax internet connections between developed countries is another way in which some in the UN would like to raise money. Since I now am in the habit of communicating with Iraqi and British citizens, and since with rather limited funds, I am already paying for cable connection to the internet as well as the computer hardware necessary to do this, I do not want to pay additional tax.

The United States has provided an expensive piece of real estate for the UN building in NY. I do not have the statistics regarding the cost of the building to the US but I am quite certain the US paid the bulk of the cost. People from around the world come to the UN, live in our country and because of diplomatic immunity often thumb their noses at our laws. Jealousy of the US seems a motivating factor for much that the UN does.

I am not willing to have our nation ruled by any body other than our own elected leaders. I am not willing to seek permission for defending our country. I want the US to be a good neighbor to all who work toward the liberty and justice for every human. I do not want the US to be part of a world body that is led by incompetents
who are impotent when faced with tough questions such as oppressive tyrants and genocide. I do not want to be part of a world body that is unable to prevent corruption within itself.

I think it is nearing the time when we must evict the UN.


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM


    You are great. I don't reply much, but believe me, I read :)

    That's how most of it is in the blog-world. I learned not to use "replies" as a hit counter. Because it is rare that a reader will reply. But it does not mean it hasn't been read as they say only about 1 of every 500 or so people who will read a blog will reply in it as well.

    So keep up the good work!


  2. Nice post.
    I'm afraid it is not just the Sudan (as I'm sure you know) that has humanitarian problems, and where are the U.N.?
    I think the problem with the U.N. is, apart from being toothless, they have members from the very countries who are starving/terrorising/killing their own people.
    They (the U.N.) have NO BALLS, and NO COMPULSION to do anything.

  3. You are so right about it being time to evict the U.N. Keep up your blogging.