Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Plea to Pajama Pundits

I read a lot of blogs which stimulate my mind and make me want to add my thoughts to the comments sections. As a blogger, I am happy when someone has bothered to read my commentary or when they take the time to read anothers post that I found noteworthy, and let me know by a sentence or two that they too found it of interest or disagree stating the reasons for their disagreement. I allow anonymous postings and thus far have only removed two, one because I did not approve of vulgarity and the other because it was a duplicate post. Maybe I have not attracted the traffic and have been spared a lot of inappropriate commentary. The more blogs I read, the more differing registrations are required to post a comment. I am happy to leave my name, valid Email address and yes, a link to my blog. Maybe I will be forced to change my policy regarding anonymous posting. In the meantime, the various registry options make me opt to just leave the site. I do not revisit these sites.


  1. Hi Pat,

    I'm also happy to leave my name and a link to my site. And I also don't require registry to comment. But I can see where others will require it. As a site gets bigger and more traffic the "spammers" will converge on that site and fill the comments with all sorts of junk. I hope that this becomes a problem with my site. At that time I might switch over to some form of registration to leave comments and try and keep the spam away. I really don't want to spend the time deleting spam comments.

    I like your site and keep up the great job.


  2. Hi Pat
    I don't like registering either, but like your previous commenter I do see why many are switching to systems that allow it.

    Spam hasn't been a problem for me yet, but I have had some rude and vulgar people show up and leave remarks.

  3. Hi Pat!

    Thank you for stopping by Iraq the Future! Nabil wanted to leave blogging, because someone left him a horrible msg. I talked him out of it, and he talked me into becoming his partner! It didn't take much tugging! :) We want to bring our two countries together through friendship.

    I love your article! I only lost one by accident! I guess mine isn't as busy! Ha ha ha. It is really hard to know how many people come by if they don't leave a comment. I think that is why I always try to leave a comment. I have also noticed that some blogs won't allow me to leave a comment. Oh well. Their loss, because even if I disagree, I try to be polite. I have lost my temper once, and wrote back and apologized to the other commenter. Oh well, I never claimed to be perfect! At least I didn't use foul language. Peace be with you always, Pat, and God bless your family and you (and your pets!)

  4. I'm in total agreement with you Pat. Some of the sites I would like to leave a comment on are too complicated for me to even get in. Oh well. I seldom have anything profound to say anyhow! LOL I don't have comments on my blog but sometime wish I did.


  5. Always enjoy reading your blog. You can make a link to my blog.

  6. Like I said in response to your "Kofi Annan" post, (and it was before I saw this one), never use the comment box as a hit counter. If you do, you will think hardly anyone is reading.

    Please know, MANY are reading. Some people are so busy, that all they can do is read and move on to another blog... So just because you don't see comments being made, does not mean no one is reading:)

    You might find live chat fun. #American-politics on Starchat is a great room. The people are adults and we discuss politics in an adult manner (most of the time lol) - and there are people there 24/7. It's neat. It isn't anything like the weirdo chat rooms. is my email if you wanted to go but don't know how to use MIRC or PIRCH.

    Once again, keep up the writings, and don't let the amount of comments, or lack of, be an indicator of traffic. Blogs have a LOT more traffic than they do replies. Believe me. :)


  7. Well, Pat...The only reason I really got into communicating on the Internet was the "run up" to OP: Iraqi Freedom. The two cable channels that I could even tolerate for awhile were MSNBC and FNC. Since I'm retired, was at my townhome in Arizona and wanted to watch the war coverage 24/7; I soon grew to almost hate the "talking heads" editorializing the reports, etc. They "drove" me onto the 'Net...

    Now in my renaissance; I have turned to blogging initially as an outlet and now, as a form of participation in "events." The World will now "suffer" my humble attempts to opine and share...y'all may blame Alex Witt and to a lesser degree; most of the FN'C "village idiots..." So many villages without their idiots...such a tragedy!

    I have yet to find any problems with the few who have elected to post on my efforts; but only time will tell. The Internet sickness practiced by TROLLS seems to "go with the territory" and basically...they usually go away if ignored...

    To me; blogs, unlike forums and newsgroups seem to have a higher quality of reader base. ::shrug:: I search for blogs, acknowledge those who visit mine and try to "live and let live."...

    There are as many blogs as there are stars in the sky...or so it seems... I can only spend part of my time surfing 'gators, etc use more than enough time to read, format and post; while trying to reciprocate to those who visit me... Each day brings a new, mostly pleasant experience. The "stress" of "Rather-gate" just about took all my time as each event unfolded...Maybe I should "turn off" the television as I blog...My BP would thank me...