Sunday, September 05, 2004


"It isn't politically correct to say this, of course. We're supposed to pretend that Islam is a 'religion of peace.' All right, then: It's time for Muslims to stand up for the once-noble, nearly lost traditions of their faith and condemn what Arab and Chechen terrorists and blasphemers did in the Russian town of Beslan"

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  1. I think the only way forward for Muslims is to renounce their faith.

  2. Good Morning Pat, Although I try my best to refrain from talking about politics and religeon, I could not help but comment after reading this post. I am a muslim, and I assure you that the Majority of Muslims renounce these heinous acts, believe me Pat, I am not just saying this for the heck of it. But unfortunately there are crazy FANATICS(and you get that everywhere not just in the muslim world), who in my opinion have interpreted our religeon in such a wrong and distorted way that they use it as a means to kill and murder innocent people. The word JIHAD does not and i repeat does not mean to kill people, Jihad in the Quran simply means the struggle within one's self, but you have morons that probably havent even read the Quran who go and say otherwise. I truly am sorry for the loss of any innocent life and I pray that one day god will shower those criminals with his wrath...Amen