Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ACLU and holiday spirit

Burt Prelutsky writes in The Washington Times INSIDER

"I wish to announce that I despise the ACLU for its relentless attacks on Christianity and Judaism. It's bad enough that they will wage battle on behalf of anybusybody looking to banish Christmasand Hanukkah symbols from public places, including one's own front yard. However, these very same lawyers will eagerly go to the mat to safeguard a Muslim's right to wear a disguise on her driver's license, a Navajo's right to smoke peyote, and a cultist's right to ritualistically slaughter small animals.
The ACLU proclaims that it is merely abiding by the Constitution's insistence on the separation of church and state. The only problem with such a position is that the Constitution says no such thing. Although the secular left has glommed on to that catch phrase like a pitbull gnawing on a shinbone, the First Amendment simply states: 'Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.' That is a far cry from forcing apartment dwellers to remove holiday wreaths from their door, or insisting that communities remove Nativity scenes from parks, or compelling small towns to change 'Christmas Holiday' in their high school calendars to 'Winter Break.' The problem with the ACLU is that it is composed in equal measure of self-righteous fools and fascistic bullies. "

I appreciate the author, who while claiming no religious faith, stands up for those of us who do.
The ACLU appears to be attacking any symbol of Judeo-Christian heritage and faith while
denigrating any moral value based on faith. This group attacks the Boy Scouts because they acknowledge God or Higher Being while supporting the rights of NAMBLA who advocate
"consensual" pedophilia by gays. It is time for the Supreme Court to enforce the second phrase
"or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."


  1. As usual, you're right on target!

    Thank you.

    Billy Kess
    patriot edition

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Thank God the ACLU wasn't at my grandson's Thanksgiving concert this morning in our local elementary school. The children sang songs about Thanksgiving and thanking the Lord. They also sang Amazing Grace along with many patriotic songs and happy songs about food, glorious food.
    Come time for their Christmas show they will also sing Silent Night and some Hannukah songs, so I won't sign my name for fear the ACLU might read this and then stir up trouble in my community.