Tuesday, November 09, 2004


The United States was founded by people from Europe fleeing religious persecution. They were wise in the decisions to
prevent any one religion being the only one which could be freely practiced. People of all faiths were to be included in this land and guaranteed that their right to practice their personal faith was protected. Citizens were not forced to have any faith if that was their choice. This is the United States in which I have spent my life. I am accustomed to tolerance of these varying views. It now seems that secular humanism is being dictated by a minority to be the rule of the land. Freedom of religion is being changed to be freedom from religion. Those of faith are called all manner of unflattering terms from stupid to Neanderthals. What has happened to tolerance? When did the Democratic leaders decide that intelligent people could not have deeply held religious beliefs that have an impact on how they live their lives and make decisions?

The unbearable truth for Democrats is that President Bush won reelection, with support from people of faith. Their response is to vilify people of faith--any faith. They are frightened that judges may be elevated to the Supreme Court who actually adhere to the principles set forth by the founders of our nation. I appreciate separation of church and state in that no official state church may be declared. Jews, Christians, Hindus. Muslims can not declare their faith is the only one which may be practiced. What the more liberal among the Democrats do not seem to understand is that the so called Evangelicals are not trying to take over the nation, we are merely trying to defend our right to be as guaranteed in the Constitution. The success over the years to eliminate any Christian reference in public schools. to prevent any purely Christian display on public lands, to remove the Ten Commandments from public view have made many of us realize that our faith is being systematically stripped from our land. Recent battles to remove the phrase under God. from our pledge of allegiance, to remove a small cross from a county seal makes me feel that the intolerant left wants to remove Christianity from our nation. This is not true of all Democrats since many of the more traditional Democrats are in fact people of faith.

I am able to accept that many do not subscribe to my personal beliefs. I am not out to overturn Roe vs. Wade although I personally am pro-life. I am not homophobic since I have known many I hold in high regard. I would support civil unions
which would give them the legal rights held by married heterosexual couples. I object to them trying to highjack the term marriage which has identified the joining of man and woman since the formation of this nation. I am not advocating forcing Christianity on anyone although, if we are going to teach any explanation of religions of the world, Christianity is most certainly one of the major ones that should be included. If secular clubs are allowed to utilize public properties, then those with a religious foundation should be allowed as well. If religious groups are providing services to the public and not trying to indoctrinate people into a particular religious view, then they can receive support from public funds, Drug programs, food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters are performing service to the public despite religious affiliation of those served. I support the need to help the poor and the sick and feel we have government programs that do this. I do not want to see more entitlement programs that will take from the rich to spread the wealth to those who do not strive to meet their own needs. I am not wealthy but I take pride in the fact that I have worked for what I have. I can accept the fact that some persons are anti-war. I do not like war, but when our nation is threatened I totally support our right to defend ourselves. I hold our military in high regard because of their willingness to face dangers in order to protect us.

As a very young woman, I listened to a speaker who stated that even if he found out his beliefs were untrue, he would be glad he had lived his life as a Christian. His reasoning being that Christians are taught the Ten Commandments and to love one another as Christ loved us. As a group we do not always live as we ought and falter in faith, but we strive to treat others in love and adhere to guiding principles that help us live a better life.

My question to those who are so bitter is, where is the tolerance of views which differ from yours?

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