Tuesday, November 16, 2004

An Email Invitation

I received the following invitation in an Email

"You are Invited!!!!!Due to the cancellation of the Inaugural Ball for Senator Kerry...There will be a small Suare' (pity party) for those who have already bought their attire. The nights entertainment will be provided by the DIXIE CHICKS & Bruce Springsteen Tissues for excessive self pity will be furnished by Susan Sarrandon and Tim Robbins We are pleased to announce DAN RATHER will be our Master of ceremonies!!!Yeah!!!! Cameron Diaz has pledged CUPCAKES!! Whats this?....a Free Screening of Fahrenheit 911! Thank you Michael Moore. Ashton Kutcher will sign his latest book..."I open my mouth...and stupid falls out" P Diddy will not be in attendance, he is still trying to get the vote out. If you see him tell him that he was not "disenfranchised" from this event. He can come home now. Barbara Streisand is preparing for her next role and will not be here, (boo hoo), she will be staring as Teresa Heinz Kerry in the sad story of " Shove it" Just in.....Grapes will be provided by the Heinz Corporation....Sorry, only SOUR available. The Reverend Jesse Jackson will be cooking on the BBQ and John Kerry will be flippin the burgers...something he has proven to be very good at. Lots of Ketchup folks, the white house has donated thousands of bottles, relish, mustard, and all the pickles too. when asked why the generosity? The spokesman for the Bush Household told us.....We have switched to DelMonte thank you very much. Attention all actors: Norman Lear is casting for his new television show "Fahrenheit 11-2-04 how'd the GOP do that?" Hope to see you all there...not much else going on. HILLARY"

I do not plan to attend.

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  1. I saw this on Drudge this morning:
    Psychologists blast Rush Limbaugh for mocking traumatized Kerry voters...
    and now I see this post! You should be ashamed of yourself! LOL
    Mover Mike