Saturday, November 06, 2004


The author, Jane Smiley, wrote in Slate this week that "the election results reflect the decision of the right wing to cultivate and exploit ignorance in the citizenry." following in the steps of Michael Moore she goes on to say, "the error that progressives have consistently committed over the years is to underestimate the vitality of ignorance in America.
She continues explaining that those who have faith in God and belief in the literal word of the Bible "must abdicate all
critical thinking" and"that red state types, above all do not want to be told what to do--they prefer to be ignorant. As a result, they are virtually unteachable."

I have no knowledge of what educational background Smiley has but she is obviously ignorant of what makes people in red states tick. Yes, I am a Christian but defy her to equate my personal beliefs with ignorance. My education, including my post graduate degree was completed in blue states. I did not park my brain when I moved into a red state. I am able to think critically and based my political decision on who represented my views on the current issues. Smiley was correct in that those of us in red states "do not want to be told what to do" by those who assume they are intellectually superior. We in the red states are not inferior, as her intolerance of different viewpoints suggests.

Security was a major issue. Terrorism is real. Kerry repeatedly told us he had a plan but expected us to believe he would wage a better war on terror without ever bothering to articulate the plan. Bush has explained what he was going to do, how he would continue and we had his past performance to judge. Kerry's past position revealed that even when the "global test" was passed in the war freeing Kuwait, he was not onboard. Kerry's inattention to the national intelligence following the first world trade center bombing, as revealed by his lack of attendance at the Senate meetings, did not inspire my confidence in his vision of protecting America.

Freedom is an important issue and President Bush realizes that people long to be free. This is one of the major factors which entices people to come to America to pursue their dreams. The people of Afghanistan and Iraq have demonstrated this in their eagerness to build their countries into self government by the people. Yes, it will continue to be a long term struggle, but consider the history of the United States. Our country also had a long term struggle to get to the point these new governments are aiming at. I constantly wonder at the lack of compassion shown for the people of other countries who have been oppressed and tortured for so many years. Where is the joy by those on the left who are so concerned about women's rights when these nations finally are allowing women to vote and girls to pursue an education? Are we so selfish that these rights are only to be enjoyed by women in America?

The economy and the creation of jobs is another issue that is of vital importance to our nation. Increasing the burden of taxes on the people is a certain way to stall the progress that has been made. I do not know how many times the people advocating higher taxation need to see this demonstrated in our economy before they learn this lesson. The answer to poverty that lies within our nation, is not to take from the rich and redistribute it to the poor. These socialist notions are
in practice in many European countries. These countries now have high unemployment, diminished gross national product, and high levels of welfare dependent citizens. Is this truly what the blue states want to emulate? Kerry surely gave that impression throughout his campaign.

I believe in the traditional values of the United States as demonstrated in our Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution. I believe in the separation of powers and resent the activist judges who believe their interpretation of the law supercedes the will of the people. I deplore the lack of tolerance of the so called progressives who feel they alone have the right to determine the path this great country will follow. I am concerned that whomever may be appointed to the Supreme Court remains true to the Constitution rather than injecting their personal agenda into the selection process. I do not accept a "litmus test" in this process as Kerry vowed he would have.

I am tired of the litigiousness of our society where costs of ridiculous damage awards increases my costs for products.
Damages resulting from stupidity or misuse of products has filled the lawyers pockets while emptying mine. We need tort reform to overcome this tendency to sue for damages whenever anything goes wrong in our lives. When a person is truly harmed due to proven negligence, we should retain the right to sue for reasonable compensation but there needs to be some guideline for this compensation. Medical malpractice cases, the basis of Edwards becoming a multimillionaire, have driven up everyone's costs for medical treatment. I sympathize with persons who are truly harmed by medical incompetence, but I have years of experience in the medical field and know that true negligence is relatively rare. I have witnessed that as costs for malpractice insurance have gone up, patients are subjected to multiple diagnostic testing, based not on the patients' needs, but as protection for the physicians defense if sued. I have seen the cuts in number of staff and employee benefits as the costs of malpractice insurance to hospitals and health insurance continued their upward spiral. These cuts have severely affected the quantity and quality of care available to patients.


  1. The biggest problem with lawsuits isn't the lawyers. It's the people who make up our juries. If Americans understood the meaning of the word "negligence", most of the lawsuits would go away.

    And please, Pat, don't try to confuse those poor dear liberals with logic and fact!

  2. I linked to your excellent post, Pat, in my latest entry...but alas! You don't have trackback! Just wanted to let you know I linked ya.