Friday, November 12, 2004

American Society Is Generally Fair and Decent

According to Rasmussens weekly update report,
USA Fair and Decent: One values related issue that has not received much attention is perceptions of the United States as a nation. Sixty-two percent (62%) of voters say that American society is generally fair and decent. Republicans and unaffiliated voters share this view, but Democrats are divided and 41% of John Kerry's party say that American society is generally unfair and discriminatory.

I could comment on the many negative comments made against those who voted to reelect President Bush, but I would rather encourage both Republicans and Democrats to remember that we are all Americans. At this time in our history, after experienceing an attack on our soil perpetrated by non American terrorists, we cannot allow ourselves to sink in the morass of political partisanship. It is disappointing when one's candidate does not win an election. Nearly half of our population experience this every four years in the presidential election. I personally have experienced this numerous times
when I voted for the Democrat and the Republican won and when I voted for a Republican and a Democrat won. However, when a new president was inaugurated, he became my president. I may have disagreed with policy decisions and I have disagreed with personal actions, but he remained my president. I honor the office and will support the man who is leading our nation. This is what I learned both at home and in school, because above all, I am a Christian and an American citizen.

We have citizens who are not always fair and frankly some who are often indecent in the manner in which they choose to treat others and in how they choose to live their lives. While they may personally offend my values, I cannot hate them
and I would hope they would not hate me because my lifestyle is, in terminology from days past, square. We all have
the right to live and worship, to speak our views, and to vote as we choose. What we, as Americans, should not do is to divide our nation and fail to support our elected leaders. We can continue to communicate with our representatives in government and share our views in a civil manner that neither debases the representative or ourselves.

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