Monday, November 22, 2004

Spirit of America

The Spirit of America "Friends of Democracy - the Iraq Democracy Project
Contribute to the success of free elections and democracy in Iraq.
In many ways, the war on terror - the struggle for freedom, progress and peace - boils down to success in Iraq. The stakes are enormous. The national elections in January can be the most visible symbol of success in Iraq. As the free elections in Afghanistan were a major blow to the Taliban, the elections in Iraq can be a crucial step in defeating the terrorists and stabilizing the country. This is an historic moment and there won't be a second chance. "

Click on title to go to Spirit of America site. You may donate in your favorite blog's name. Iraqthemodel, Winds of Change, LGF, and last but not least is Homespun Bloggers own Chrenkoff. This effort, the Spirit of America was started by our military so it is a great way to support our troops efforts as well.


  1. Wow, another NC blogger! ...Where is Frankiln though?

  2. Franklin is in Macon county, South western part of state.

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