Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Arizona initiative inspires others / The Washington Times INSIDER

By Jerry Seper

The passage of an Arizona immigration initiative requiring verifiable identification to vote or receive public benefits has spurred similar efforts in other states and created panic among some Hispanics, who are questioning whether it is safe to go to work, shop or send their children to school.
The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) -- which successfully derailed Proposition 187 in California in 1994, a measure that also would have blocked illegal aliens from receiving public services -- has vowed to fight the new initiative, known as the Arizona Taxpayer and Citizens Protection Act. "

" Initiative proponents, arguing that illegal immigration in Arizona is out of control, said Proposition 200's passage on Nov. 2 was a crucial first step in reducing a glut of illegal immigration and sends messages to government officials in both Washington and Mexico that illegal immigration will not be condoned."

"Georgia, where a group known as Georgians for Immigration Reduction said it was "very energized" by the Arizona vote and, says spokesman Jimmy Herchek, is watching "closely" what happens in that state's court challenges. Mr. Herchek said draft legislation will be presented to legislators in the near future.
• Colorado, where Defend Colorado Now is drafting a constitutional amendment to prevent illegal aliens from receiving "public services" other than those involving public safety or life-threatening emergencies. A petition drive is to begin in January 2006, with 70,000 signatures needed to put it before voters.
• Texas, where Texans for Fair Immigration hope to draft legislation similar to the Arizona initiative and lobby state officials to pass it. State laws bars the placement of initiatives on the ballot."

This is one of the major problems facing our President and our nation. The first step I would like to see is effective sealing of our borders to stop the constant flow of illegals entering our country. I need to read more on the President's plan.
I see the dilemma to be between rewarding illegal behavior and allowing those who have lived here for years as productive assets to our communities to remain and begin steps to become naturalized citizens. I will be interested in reading others thoughts on this topic.

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  1. The Arizona initiative is one of the things Tom Tancredo is celebrating. I sent him an email, and we'll see what he has to say. I asked to to discover what it is that McCain is so interested in.