Monday, November 08, 2004


The news from Iraq continues to highlight the conflict in Fallujah and other Iraqi cities. A good many of us in America as well as Iraqis have been waiting for the very patient political process to be successful or for the go ahead from P. M. Allawi to allow the Iraqi and multinational forces to begin eliminating the terrorist elements. This will be a difficult task and many of the terrorists are found outside of Fallujah and continue their mayhem against the Iraqi people.
Contrast the ongoing battles with thugs who love death and destruction to the good news that may be found in Iraq. Arthur Chrenkoff has again posted a lengthy article on the many positive developments from children being given filled bookbags to bankers and medical professionals learning from experts from other countries. The problems with sewage are being dealt with by firms hiring Iraqis to build sewage drainage systems. Iraqis are also helping with street and highway cleanup by removing trash and notifying appropriate troops of the presence of IEDs.
Daily newspapers and various groups are writing and posting information about how Democracy
works. Al Sistani has issued statements encouraging the Shiite population to be involved in
developing policical parties and the Iraqis duty to vote. Voter registration will occur at the sites Iraqis receive their vouchers for food rations.
Read Chrenkoff today for many more details. I am hopeful that Iraq will soon be secure and that the elections will be held as scheduled.

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