Monday, November 08, 2004

After abortion

"If anyone believes Arlen Specter's transparent and desperate 'covering-his-pro-abortion-tracks' last week in the press, trying to save his expected Judiciary Chair nomination, check these recent events out:

Specter recently attended a million dollar fundraiser for the Republican ProChoice Coalition, and this past spring was supported by another pro-choice Republican activist group: ��Women for Arlen� deployed a phone bank and mailings to enlist moderates to turn out for the primary contest of U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.�"

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  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Why don't women get it that they have been sold a bill of goods? Choice is there at preconception time. After conception the woman is no longer "alone" with her body. There is a new human life forming and that life should be protected and not thought of as just an inconvenience. Yes, it is very sad when a female is a victim of the crime of rape or incest, but why should the baby that might have been conceived (very small percentage of rapes result in a conception) be a second victim? Some say a woman should use the 'morning after pill' in those cases and I am not sure if that is a very early abortion or just prohibits the ovum and sperm from joining. People talk of viability of the baby and when can a baby survive outside of the womb. A newborn may be breathing and crying, but how long can it survive without food, clothing and nurturing. It is completely helpless without someone to care for it.
    Another fact that is not told to women is that breast cancer is higher in women that have had an abortion.
    In regard to Specter, I am sure he and other politicians are "pro-choice" for the purpose of getting votes. Sanctity of life is never thought of when being "pro-choice" could mean another vote or two.