Sunday, November 28, 2004

Urgent Prayer Request

My neice's husband Danny has advanced heart disease and requires a transplant. My niece L (my sister-in-law's daughter) has been married to Danny for a couple of years. L has suffered so much for a young woman. Her second son died of SIDS, her marriage then fell apart and her ex husband fell into a wild life style. Their oldest son worked and partied with his father. The oldest son died of a drug overdose. L fought and overcame ovarian cancer. She finally found happiness with Danny and now he is facing possible death. Please remember Danny and L in your prayers.

November 28, 2004

Dear Pat,
Danny went to his doctor Friday for his heart. He was told by the doctor that his heart is now “hanging in by a thread” and his liver and kidneys are now being affected due to the grossly-enlarged and damaged heart absorbing all the oxygen. The doctor said they will now actively begin a search for a matching heart donor, as by “calculated statistics” Danny has just three months to live.

I would so much appreciate it if you would please add Danny to your prayer list. Danny is the kindest, most loving and giving person to everyone. That is just the type of person he’s always been and everyone just loves him. He has always taken care of his body and has such a strong will to live. What a gift from someone who is dying, and without hope of being saved, would be giving to Danny if they bequeathed their heart to him. What a Christmas gift that would be – and a New Year and a new life!

Only God decides if Danny will get a transplant and survive. I’ve no doubt though, that our heart-felt prayers on Danny’s behalf will be heard and, hopefully, granted.



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  1. Danny and L are in my prayers.

    God bless