Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Recount Effort Is Expanded To New Mexico and Nevada

"Recount Effort Is Expanded To New Mexico and Nevada
Tuesday, November 30, 2004; Page A02
Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik announced that they are seeking recounts in two more battleground states: New Mexico and Nevada. "

I can understand that Jesse Jackson wants an Ohio recount as a partisan move, but what motivates these two?Are they trying to point out true irregularities in hope that they will be corrected in the future? Do these two men, who obviously lost the election, merely want to again place President Bush's election in question?

It is my hope that some election process reforms such as voter registration cards will be implemented by each state. Same day registration, having someone vouch for knowing you at the polls just leaves too much wiggle room for those who want to practice fraud.

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  1. With the exception of candidates like Perot, third party candidates really aren't in it to get elected. No one is dumb enough to think they can be elected from a third party. If you set aside the book deals and other financial and ego perks they get through the name recognition, these guys may be the last breed of politicians that truly want to change the country for the better. The fact that candidates with nothing to gain are doing this is a very healthy thing. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get an idea for how reliable our election process is. I would like to see recounts in states that had huge margins of victory, let's say Maryland and Indiana. Why not test the system a little? If it turns out the outcome was off by 5% or so, that would highlight a serious problem that needed to be fixed, even if it didn't even come close to swinging the state.

    The fact that Nader targeted New Hampshire first may very well have been the smartest thing he's done in years. He chose a small state with minimal cost to recount that Kerry did win. Exit polls did point to a much larger Kerry victory (by 5% to 15%) and we should all find out which one was wrong. Don't forget that exit polling is widely used around the world to measure the legitimacy of an election as is being used in Ukraine now. I didn't hear that NM and NV were being targeted by Cobb and Badnarik. They must be basing this on similar data.

    Also consider this. The fact that this is comming from a third party candidate is an extremely healthy thing because we don't have the media circus that 2000 became along with stories of casualties from Iraq.