Friday, November 19, 2004


From what I have read about Jacque Chirac and his negative comments about President Bush and America,
I am even prouder to be an American nobody rather than a "cultured" snob. European papers questioned how
Americans could be so stupid to reelect our president. I would like to ask the French the same. How do you
keep such a man in office?

Much ado about Target boycotting the red kettles and bell ringers and a few slaps at Walmart. I do not have a Target within 65 miles, so I do not need to make a judgement. For everyday shopping, I have my choice of KMart or Walmart. Perhaps KMart will improve now that it has purchased Sears, but for now WallyWorld is my choice. I find greater selection and quality while prices between the two stores even out. Since I live in a small town in a rural area amid the Smokey mountains, my clothing needs are definitely not high fashion. Sweatsuits, slacks and blouses are the mainstays of my wardrobe. My comfortable Birkenstocks keep this old woman comfortable and I can buy my favorites online. Being retired is lovely in that I do not need much that Walmart does not offer.

As an American, I am proud that despite the highly divisive election we can come together to celebrate the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library. To see the former presidents, George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter along with our current President Bush attend this celevration for former President Bill Clinton is one of the marvels of a Democracy. I would hope that the worldwide media pay some attention to how the change in leadership occurs without coups and that previous and current leaders are able to remain on friendly terms, make positive comments to each other despite the differences in policies they adhere to. John Kerry attended as well which again shows that a heated campaign may strain the fabric of our society, it does not tear it apart. I did not support Kerry because I do not feel he is decisive enough to lead our nation. I must give Kerry credit for his decision to concede the election without dragging us through a court battle. This shows that he realized how damaging that would be to our nation.

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