Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Intelligent Intelligence Reform

Listening to interviews on the media with Rep. Hunter, I am concerned that our military may lose control of what has been an important and effective tool. It is important that the "chain of command" of these tools in no way lessen there availability and use by our military. If a NID is needed in order for the various intelligence services to work together with accountability for the cooperation and sharing of intelligence, surely the Congress can find some way of insuring that our military have full access and control of the needed tools during any military action.

The 9/11 Commission made recommendations, many of which have been instituted. I appreciate the need for a final bill to be written and passed, but let us not rush to institute legislation which in any way could hamper our military. Further discussion with written rules
protecting military use of intelligence tools is not asking too much of our national leadership.
If those congressional members such as Rep. Hunter have concerns, these should be addressed and satisfied before any final bill is passed.

"Indeed, much of the purpose of military 'transformation' has been to destroy the
hierarchical structure of intelligence, to make the most sophisticated imagery, intercepts, and other intelligence 'products' as readily available to the lowest level of military organization. This is ever more essential in the kind of wars now being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan; with good reason, the Marine Corps speaks of the 'strategic corporal'--the decisions made by infantrymen and their squad leaders in the heat of battle can have huge consequences."

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