Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Some Canadians Still Like Us

Canadian Pro-Bush Rally to Counter Anti-Bush Demonstrators'OTTAWA, November 29, 2004

(LifeSiteNews.com) - Free Dominion,
"The Voice of Principled Conservatism," is one group planning a counter-demonstration in support of US President George W. Bush's visit to Ottawa Tuesday. Co-founder Connie Wilkins is hoping the police will be firm with any anti-Bush factions who get out of hand.Wilkins told the Canadian Press that she is confused by the amount of anti-American sentiment among Canadians and politicians. Free Dominion, which she co-founded, is a Canadian conservative political news forum with no particular political affiliation. It allows about 5,000 members a forum for discussion of their views.

"We stand behind the United States and we stand behind their president," Wilkins told the CP. "We consider them as our allies and their country as our friend.""If it had been the CN Tower that had been bombed instead of the World Trade Center, the U.S. would have been right there."

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