Thursday, November 04, 2004


Good-bye John Edwards. I voted to put you into office and I voted to prevent you from attaining another national office. If you do not understand why, then you are not as bright as you purport yourself to be. You asked for the votes of North Carolinians based on the promise that you would serve the interests of our state and of our nation. I can understand that as a newly elected member of the senate that you were not in a position of much influence. You elected not to continue to work to fulfill your promises but rather to further your own career at the expense of the representation of those who elected you. You did not pay attention to your constituents concerns or right to representation of your office. You were derelict in the duties you were elected to perform.

Perhaps your desire to protract the fight, fight, fight of your campaign is why you were unable to be gracious in defeat. Your obvious preference for a scorched earth campaign in which you would entangle the election results in a myriad of court challenges again demonstrates that your personal goals far outweigh you desire for a united America. You will never again gain my confidence or my vote

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  1. There is something enormously superficial about John Edwards.
    I do not believe that there is anything at all that he would do out of real conviction.
    In fact I don’t think that he’s ever had any convictions apart from believing in self-promotion.

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