Monday, November 01, 2004

road of a nation Iraqi Thoughts on US Election

road of a nation: "Monday, November 01, 2004
From new free Iraqis to the Whitehouse
Hi every one �
Exciting monuments you are living now ,one day on the presidential elections ,I am not go to talk about your times ,because you are the ones ,who are living these great time ,and you deserve it .
I am go to talk about how we are seeing these elections ? and how we are feeling about it ?and is it important for us as it is for you ? and who the Iraqis support to be elected? And is these elections go to effect on Iraq future ?
Many questions I tried to find some answers for people around here .
I asked almost the closes friends and some people which I trust them ,and they under stand why I do that ,and they now that the only reason I do that because I love my country and I want the best and only the best for him .
I start with my friend Zaid ,asking him what do you thing about the American elections ,are you know any thing about it ?
Zaid : these are very important events and almost all the people are taking this elections very seriously ,maybe its very important for the Americans ,but its as much as important for us ,I am watching the news all the time to see the latest poll,and see who is leading ,for me I prefer GWB to be reelected ,simply because what he done for me ,and let my voice be heard ."
Luma : this is indeed important for me ,not only for me but I thing for all Iraqis and free people in the world ,I strongly support GWB ,this man I very admirer ,is a very brave man ,and he is always keeping his promises and words ,and fight evil every where ,and what he did for me and my family ,is something we will never forget ,he free us from the evil and torch of the murder ,that roles us with fire and kill .
These where simples from some of the people I talk there opinion ,and there are a lot and more there are millions like these people here ,I wished that you can came here and hear them by your on ear ,not through the media that want to show you what they want you to see .

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