Sunday, November 14, 2004


"Comparisons made between Fallujah and Mosul are inaccurate. Iraqi Security forces and Multi-National Forces move in and out of every neighborhood in Mosul. Only a small number of terrorists are operating in the city of over 2 million and resistance is sporadic. Joint operations between the ISF and MNF will continue as necessary to maintain law and order."
This the most encouraging thing I have read regarding Mosul. I have been especially concerned because of a 16 year old girl, AKA Najma,
whose blog I have been reading for months. She is part of a stable, loving family unit. Her openess and eagerness to learn has been a large influence on my thoughts that the Iraqi people are not so different from Americans. Her joy at becoming an Aunt, her concerns about school and clothes make her a typical teen. I have been worried about this family along with the many other good and decent people who are caught up in the insurgent/terrorist attempts to deny free elections and the establishment of government by the people. My prayers remain with out troops and the innocent Iraqi citizens.

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