Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Prayer of Thanks

Heavenly Father,
I come to you this morning tired but thankful that again you have blessed the United States. We live in freedom, we have had the opportunity to vote, we have come to you with our petitions that your will be done. I am thankful we will have President Bush continuing to lead our nation and our military. I pray now for healing of the disappointwent of those who are not happy with the election. I pray that bitterness will not divide our nation. I pray that all who have been elected to positions of leadership will strive to do those things that will help heal our nation and that we will truly be united as we continue to struggle against those who would deprive us our freedom. May this nation return to what we were and how we acted prior to the Vietnam war. May we unite behind our leaders and be willing to sacrifice at home as needed so that our nation will remain safe and abound with good
rlationships between people with opposing views.
Be with our troops who are in harms way. Let them know that America is proud of her sons and daughters who willingly serve to protect us here at home. I pray for the countries and their troops who have stood with us through the recent struggles. I am thankful that the Afghani and Iraqi people have the opportunity to experience self
governmaent and begin to live with the blessings of liberty that Americans have so long enjoyed. Be with the innocents in those lands that they may experience less
violence and death. May the children grow up with the knowledge of the struggles and
oppression that their elders have lived through.
For all of the blessings you have bestowed on our nation, I give thanks. I pray for your continued guidance of our leaders and people. In Jesus name, hear my prayer.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Thanks be to God!

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM


    Wanda in NC

  3. Beautiful prayer! Amen & Amen