Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Center for Security Policy

The Center for Security Policy

Mission of the Center for Security Policy

To promote world peace through American strength.

'Through the years, the Center for Security Policy has helped ensure a vigorous national security debate and, in so doing, has strengthened our national security, with energy, persistence and patriotism.'

The Center for Security Policy has, since its founding in 1988, operated as a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to the time-tested philosophy of promoting international peace through American strength. It accomplishes this goal by stimulating and informing national and international policy debates, in particular, those involving regional, defense, economic, financial and technology developments that bear upon the security of the United States. "

The scoring of our current legislators,on national security issues, has been recently announced. Of interest to me was the scoring of my senators. Elizabeth Dole scored in the over 90% group. John Edwards scored 23 on the votes he cast, missing 5 of the 18 votes scored. Interesting to our nation shoud be John Derry's score of 0 on the 4 votes he actually cast.

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