Sunday, October 31, 2004

God Bless America

In todays message, we were not directed to vote for a specific candidate or party. Instead we were reminded of God's message in Isaiah to both leaders and the people.
God reminds us that burnt offerings are not what He wants but that He demands our obedience if we ask for blessings for our land. We are reminded that if we want God's approval, we are to fix our minds on that which is good and right.

Scripture: Isaiah 1:10-31;Philippians 4:8


Election 2004 demands that I ask four questions:

I. Who am I ?
1. I can tell you my name, where I live, about my family
2. I can tell you what I drive, which football team I support
3. I can tell you who my favorite women and favorite men are
4. I can tell you I am a Christian
a. I have repented of my sin
b. I have confessed my sin to Jesus
c. I have put my faith and trust in Him
d. I have believed that God raised Jesus from the dead

II. Why do I vote ?
1. Because it is my privilege
2. Because I love America
3. Because I care deeply about the future
4. Because it is my Christian duty

a. We are as accountable as our leaders
b. We are guilty of sin when we do not influence and elect
leaders who stand by the moral truths of God's word
c. We are a reflection of God
i. We believe His Word
ii. We try to live His Word
iii. We apply His Word
iv. We stand own His Word

III. What governs my vote?
1. My age, education, position
2. My gender, race, traditions
3. My pocket, my welfare
4. My faith
My Christian faith means:
a. I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit
b. I am inspired by the Holy Spirit
c. I am instructed by the Holy Spirit
d. I am influenced by the Holy Spirit
I determine my vote if we want Him to bless us ,then God alone must
1. Because He has something to say about life
2. Because He has something to say about marriage
3. Because He has something to say about morality
Where does this leave us today?
1. By humbling ourselves
2. By seeking God's face
3. By praying

Notes on today's sermon by Dr. Don Wilton


  1. It's November 1, 2004 and the election is in God's capable hands.Regards,


  2. Pat, I too trust God, and Pray that his plan is what is best for America right now. We need to pray that the evil one has no influence at this time.

    Mr Minority