Sunday, October 17, 2004


I have been hearing commentaries on the faith of President Bush. The other night, the political analyst on MSNBC was on Scarborough saying he is very uncomfortable with President Bush's reliance on prayer and statement that his faith influences his actions and policies. The analyst indicated a background in the Roman Catholic Faith but did not indicate any current association with the church.

What makes him uncomfortable? Roman Catholics are taught to pray. Prayer is an important part of major religions.
Why are we taught to pray without ceasing if this is wrong? Why, in times of crises do we ask others to pray with us and for us? Why do we take our children to church, temple or mosque if we do not hope to instill in them a knowledge of God and our need to ask for what we need and to thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon us? Why do we have our religious writings if they are not to be used to draw us closer to God and give us guidance in living our daily lives?

Would America be better off with a leader who was an atheist? I think not. America was founded on the belief in God by Christian men. In their wisdom they determined it would be best that a state religion not be established, but that man be allowed to follow whatever his personal faith was. All men and all religions are to be welcomed in this United States of America.

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray not only by the model prayer but by the example of His own prayer life. Every important event in Jesus life was prefaced by prayer. He prayed on the mountaintop and in the temple, on the seashore and in the Upper Room. He gave specific instructions on prayer in His Sermon on the Mount.

I thank God that we have a president who lives his beliefs and draws strength from that communion with God. President Bush has not attempted to convert the nation to his personal beliefs nor has he hid them from us. I am more uncomfortable with the thought of a leader who does not have faith that sustains him or her in daily life.
None of our leaders are without sin since that is the nature of mankind. I think it better to have a leader who is aware of our dependence on God from whom all blessings and wisdom flow.

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  1. Out of respect for Pat, I won't get "salty!" ...

    If the United States didn't have a President that prayed in time of War, I firmly believe we'd all be praying in our respective prayer closets to maintain our Nation. ...

    ...and I mean pray! Not some memorized prayer that one learned in church, catechism, etc (...and certainly not, madrassas). I mean deep, soul searching and meaningful prayer that only one can share with his/her God. ...

    Anything or anybody else would not serve our Country well, IMHO. ...

    Cheers! ... Mike