Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry, Why Are You Lying?

When I turned on the TV this morning, the first thing I heard was John Kerry shouting something like,"Mr. President what else aren't you telling the American people?" Again, Kerry is using the meme of President Bush lying to the American public as he rants on about the missing 380 tons of weapons/explosives. Approximately one pound of these "missing" explosives is enough to bring down an airplane. Imagine the mass destruction these substances could cause.

One of the main issues that Kerry has been hammering about for over a year is that President Bush lied about WMD in Iraq and that Saddam was no threat. Now, Kerry is screaming about the President's incompetence in guarding the "missing" WMD based on a story in the NYT.

NBC embedded reporters and the 101st airborne troops say the weapons were not there. No UN inspectors seals were found as the buildings were searched. We had surveillance drones overhead. It would take many trucks to carry off that amount of explosives by looters over a number of days along well traveled roads.

The facts of the seizure of 280,000 tons of arms/explosives have been detonated and another 160,000 tons are scheduled to be destroyed seem of no importance to Kerry. Kerry trusts the word of the New York Times, the U. N.'s IAEA rather than our military and the embedded reporters who were actually on the ground. Kerry's ranting about the President's failure to guard these WMD is very similar to Kerry's rude contradiction of P. M. Allawi's comments on the status in the totality of Iraq.

John Kerry, what truths are you withholding from the American people?


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