Sunday, October 10, 2004


Michelle Malkin has written an article about the current shortage of flu vaccine. This is of concern to me because I am in a vulnerable age group and my son, who is asthmatic, is in a work environment where he is constantly exposed to the public traveling from across the nation. Click on title to read the whole article.

"Why on earth does the U.S. get virtually all of its flu vaccine supply from just two manufacturers? Because only a handful of companies make vaccines for the U.S. market. And why is that? Because federal bulk purchase of vaccines at government-controlled prices has made the U.S. vaccine market a market that few drug companies want to be in. "

"Update: Kerry has wasted no time trying to score political points off the flu shot fiasco. Ignoring the underlying problems in the vaccine market and the fact that his proposed policies would export similar problems to other sectors of the pharmceutical market, Kerry bloviated on the issue at a campaign speech in Ohio:

If you can't plan to have enough of that vaccine, what are they doing with respect to other things that could potentially hurt America in terms of bioterrorism, chemical terrorism, other kinds of things?"

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