Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Lawrence O'Donnell was on Scarborough again last night. His job is to be a political analyst, but once again he set himself up as the all knowing, omnipotent one who is able to look into the heart's of men and determine that their faith is false. Not only has he blasted President Bush for praying, he says it is wrong to pray in a situation where men may die. Where he developed his warped knowledge of what man may pray for and what is off limits directly circumvents God's word as revealed to us in the Bible. He then went on to say that the faith of Kerry is false as has been the faith of all presidents in our history. I wish this man would drop to his knees and pray himself for some wisdom before uttering his pronouncements. It is obvious he in against President Bush and if he must show his bias, he should focus it on issues he knows something about. I have lost all respect for this man. I, for one, want a man in the Oval Office who realizes he does not have all the answers and relies on prayer to give him wisdom as he makes decisions that determine our nation's
policies both in war and in peace.

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  1. Lawrence O'Donnell is a puffed-up self-important smarny smart-ass. Hate him.