Saturday, October 09, 2004


Kerry's record shows his opposition to the use of America's military power. He spoke out forcefully against the Vietnam war. He spoke out forcefully against Reagan's policies to end the cold war and in Central America. He has a long record of voting against weapons needed to keep our military the best equipped in the world. He has voted against intelligence funding. Appeasement appears to be Kerry's strategy for dealing with challenges to our country, lest he offend those countries he wants as allies.

He seems quite comfortable talking with communist leaders as he did both in Vietnam and with the Sandinistas despite the official US government positions. He claims this is diplomacy, I call it treasonous. Kerry keeps talking about our "allies" that he world get to come to the table and work with us. He seems to totally discount the involvement of these "allies" in their alliance with Saddam to subvert funds from the Oil for Food program. Is Kerry willing to bury the evidence of the perfidy of these countries in order to get them on our side?

Kerry is quick to quote the Duelfer report regarding the absence of WMD. He seems to miss the points in the report citing Saddam's retention of the ability to re-establish chemical weapon production.

If President Bush had decided not to liberate Iraq without yet another U. N. resolution, it seems clear that Saddam's coalition of the bribed (France, Germany and Russia) would have continued to balk. The Iraqi people would have continued suffering under dictatorship and sanctions, while Saddam bluffed the world by pretending to have WMD.

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