Sunday, October 24, 2004

My Letter To The Guardian Editor

To the Editor:

The column written by Charlie Brooker is one of the most offensive articles I have read. I can accept jokes at the expense of people in the public eye, when there is some true wit or humor. We have satirists and cartoonists in the United States as well. Calls for assassins goes beyond the pale and is in no way humorous. I have also read your apology and it is intended to include Mr. Brooker who says it was humor.

Since he told your readers that they could watch the debates of Bush v Kerry as well as previous presidential debates on the BBC, I am assuming that is his source of information as well.

President Bush did not do well in the first debate and I will not argue the point that he did. I just have to wonder if
Mr. Brooker had any idea of how the President had just spent his day. We happen to have had several major hurricanes in Florida causing death, but primarily destruction of thousands of peoples only worldly property--their homes and all the contents thereof. Our President, who is a very compassionate man, spent his day touring the devastation and talking with and comforting people who had just been through the most traumatic events of their lives. He talked with elderly people who had no place to live and no money in today's market to buy anything close to what they had lost. He walked through orange groves where the trees were uprooted, limbs torn off and the crop the growers were depending on littering the ground. President Bush spent the day with our citizens sharing their personal hell. If Mr. Booker had any true knowledge of the character of our president, he would not make his exhaustion and lack of stunning debating skills a subject of tasteless humor. While President Bush spent his day with actual people of the United States sharing their suffering, Senator Kerry went to a spa and had a manicure.

As citizens of the United States, we have far more criteria to take the measure of our leader than some humorist living in another nation. I for one will vote for the man that shows more concern for our citizens than a pampered gigolo who speaks well while essentially saying nothing.

signed and Emailed


  1. Dear Pawigo, (Keeping the secret!) Thank you for your support. It means very much to me. I wonder sometimes if anyone out there is reading my writings and what they think. I got a site meter, and that really lifted my spirits! If you don't have one, you might think about getting one. They are free. I hope I make sense when I write. When I write about philosophy, I understand unless people believe, they may not follow. I tried to write in a way that everyone could take something as a benefit. It didn't work! Oh well. You were right. That is why I really appreciated your comments. Thank you. God bless your family and you.

  2. Wow! You really gave it to him! Good girl!!! You had me in tears. I heard about this, but only a little. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me the address and e-mail address of this baffoon? Thank you so much, and keep up the good work. God bless your family and you.