Sunday, October 10, 2004

Urgent call!

"Alert: Urgent call!

People of Al-Latifyiah & Yosfyiah Calls for help!
A caller from Latifyiah to Al-Fayha TV today asked urgently the Iraqi interim government to interfere urgently to liberate them from the terrorists' hands!

The caller who we are not going to put his name for security reason was speaking desperately about the situation in Al-Latifyiah & Yosfyiah. He described it as the most miserable. He added that the terrorists are Arabs from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Sudan and others. He told that Saddam kept his WMD with these thugs and they keep it in barrels hidden in these two regions. The terrorists oust many people from their homes and forced others to keep the terrorists with them.

He added that some of the Arab satellite channels are there with the terrorists to help in producing their activities. They got media producing instruments inside their homes for these channels. They submit people to the terrors by killing any one oppose them by beheading or shooting them in the streets. He mentioned that these terrorists are well supported by the remnant of the security agents of previous regime.

He called for urgent action and for the Iraqi forces to enter the city to free its people from the hands of the killers.

Other calls had been received before in the same channel from these areas as well as Falluja and Tellaafar in the North."

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