Saturday, October 23, 2004


I have just finished watching Stolen Honor on the internet. I am ashamed that at the time Kerry was spewing his lies that I did not do something to let the Vietnam Veterans know that I honored them and did not believe them to be criminals. They were my peers and those I knew personally did not come home. I know the values we grew up with and know that these values would not suddenly disappear because they were in combat. I could understand retaliation for the loss of a buddy and that the troops would pursue and kill those who had killed our men. This was war and enemies are killed. The killing would have been accomplished with guns and grenades but not by torture and mutilation. Innocents would undoubtedly suffer and die because this is what happens in war. I do not like to be at war. I do not like to lose American lives or those of innocents.

When America has been threatened or attacked, we responded. When other countries could not sufficiently defend themselves, we have gone to their aid. It is because of the previous wars that we have been able to build this country and provide our people with security and a chance for personal growth and pursuit of our dreams. To do otherwise threatens the very fabric of our lives. I would prefer that the world could be at peace, but that will not occur while persons gather together to tear apart the world for reasons of gaining power over others or killing all people who do not agree with their perverted views. This is the world today. I am so thankful that we have a military and leaders who do not want to wait for another 9/11 to wound this country, but rather will fight to defend us no matter where they find the enemy of peace.

To the Vietnam Veterans who are still alive and to the families of men who gave their lives in combat, please know that I honor them, thank them and am proud to stand up for their rights to tell their story to a nation misled for so many years.


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  2. I can not help but note that those who leave negative and nasty comments do not have the courage to leave their names. I am not just speaking of the above comment that I deleted but as a general rule on the many blogs I read, the most vitriolic are always written by anonymous. There are liberals and conservatives who may take exception to a blog or to a view expressed by another commenter but they are bright enough to engage in civil discourse and honest enough to own up to their opinion.