Saturday, October 30, 2004

Pre/Post Election Litigation

From The Federalist Patriot in yesterday's Email

Florida is being overrun by legions of lefty muckrakers looking for trouble and causing some where they can't find any. Some 2,000 Demo lawyers have descended on the state to monitor early voting, with at least 700 more on the way. Several activist groups are rallying across Florida, crying that minority voting rights have been infringed upon, despite the fact that the election hasn't happened yet. The fact that the Demo-crusaders are going through all this trouble to ensure Kerry's election can only be interpreted to mean that there is a real lack of confidence in their candidate's ability to win on his merits alone.

There is really only way to circumvent all these shenanigans, as former Solicitor General Theodore Olson noted in his New York Times op-ed this week: "The best chance for the American electorate to avoid a post-election repeat of 2000 is to re-elect George W. Bush decisively -- or to defeat him overwhelmingly," Olson wrote. "I, of course, recommend the former."

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