Wednesday, October 13, 2004

lgf: Kerry's Vanished Draft Proposal

Kerry's Vanished Draft Proposal

The Internet Archive�s Wayback Machine is a wonderful tool; 30 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.
Here�s what John Kerry�s web site says today about his proposal to enlist 200,000 young Americans for �national service:� John Kerry for President - National Service.
Engage 200,000 Americans A Year In �Service For College�
John Kerry and John Edwards will offer a simple deal to hundreds of thousands of America�s young people: if you will serve for two years in one of America�s toughest and most important jobs, we will cover four years of tuition at a typical public university.
And here is the Wayback Machine�s cache of John Kerry�s web site from earlier this year, outlining a mandatory service plan for high school students: John Kerry for President - A New Era of National Service. (Hat tip: Matt.)
As President, John Kerry will have the courage to lead and call on all Americans to make our nation stronger. Whether it is protecting America from the threats of terrorism or addressing the problems we have at home, America�s new challenges will not be met by the same old answers of big government or big tax cuts for the wealthy. John Kerry will call on all Americans - tapping into the idealism and ingenuity of Americans and putting it to work on building a safer, stronger, and more secure nation. Americans already make an enormous difference in their communities, volunteering, in Boys and Girls Clubs or homeless shelters. Many Americans do full time service. John Kerry believes that in these times, we need to bolster these efforts with a nationwide commitment to national service. Whether it is a Summer of Service for our teenagers, helping young people serve their country in r"

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