Friday, October 15, 2004


Elizabeth Edwards had to have her say about the Cheneys. It is obvious that she has no sense of shame either for the national announcement that one of the candidates has a lesbian daughter.

"It makes me really sad that that's Lynne's response. I think that it indicates a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter's sexual preferences that I'm certain makes her daughter uncomfortable. That makes me very sad on a personal level.
She called Kerry's response "very thoughtful" and "extremely sensitive." She also said Lynne Cheney has been a "wonderful advocate for her daughter," but feels "she has over-reacted to this" and "that's a very sad state of affairs."

Those living a lesbian or gay lifestyle have often gone through a tremendous amount of emotional distress to the point of being suicidal. A young woman who is very dear to me, raised in a Christian home within a loving family was molested as a very young girl. She went through a long term of emotional upheaval and severe depression. Finally she came to terms with her sexual orientation. She is very open about this with family and friends. After saying that, I cannot and would not accept someone announcing her sexual orientation on national TV to make a political point. There was no reason for Kerry to name an example of the families who through love learn to accept that the child they love dearly is facing a future that some will ridicule. They think of the turmoil their child has gone through and may continue to face in his/her lifetime. They take pride in their children and surely have a right to be offended when someone is misusing the information. This is not shame on the Cheney's part. It is anger that someone would intentionally try to score a political point at their child's expense.


  1. Of course there was a reason, Pat. They were hoping to hit the "moral majority" wing of the right, and scare them away from the polls on 11/2! It was utterly calculated! These people do not have a clue about Americans!

    Sorry you cannot have any Bush signs on your car! I have a W'04 on one side, a Bush/Cheney '04 on the other, and a blogs for Bush in the middle of my back window, plus two ribbons, one with "Texans Support our Troops" and the other with "Support the Troops"!

  2. I agree with Dagney that the remark about Cheney's daughter was a calculated remark. Sen. John Edwards pulled the same stunt in the Vice Presidents' Debate. It was truly uncalled for; if they had to use a name why not talk about Barney Frank.
    Candidate's children should be left out of debates no matter what their age and whether or not they are involved in campaigning.

  3. Along with what the previous commenters have stated, the thought that Mary Cheney is the only homosexual that the combined brain(?) trust of Kerry Inc. can muster is akin to a Leno joke gone badly...

    I just wish some anonymous source would relate to the fatness of Elizabeth Edwards' stern and "beat it to death!" ( an ELITE MEDIA way) ...

    The SHAME in this whole political season is the Demoncratic Mantra being broadcast to the ends of the Earth. ...

  4. Say the question had been about obesity and the problems with it.

    Bush: "Now, we know that Senator Edward's wife has problems with her weight, but her family still loves her."

    Kerry's answer was creepy. We all knew it "in our gut."