Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Should We Revisit the 14th Amendment?

Townhall.com sends us to a filed article which is of interest concerning the citizenship rights many of us assume are automatically granted to any child born on American soil. "The Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment doesn't confer birthright citizenship as a matter of constitutional right after all." When the child holds citizenship in another nation in which his/her parents are citizens U.S. citizenship is not automatically conferred. Hamdi, born of Saudi parents while in Louisiana where his father was working, grew up in the ME and joined the Taliban where he was captured as a combatant.

This seems to have been a method used by illegal aliens as a step toward putting down roots in the U. S. Somehow cross our borders when pregnant, deliver the child in the US and then claim that they must be allowed to stay since their child is as U. S. citizen. It would be interesting to see this argued in the Supreme Court and a clearer determination made.

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