Saturday, October 16, 2004

Facing Our Madrid

Facing Our Madrid

The violence in Iraq has a purpose: to influence America's presidential election.
This is a sentiment worth remembering when you're reading the latest headlines from Iraq. Many Americans were openly contemptuous of the Spaniards who were intimidated into withdrawing from Iraq by the attack on their capital. That could never happen to America, we thought. Terrorists will never terrorize the United States into submission.

But the truth is, in Iraq today, America is facing its own Madrid. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or independent, it should anger you to the very core that our enemies are trying to slaughter American soldiers, innocent Iraqis, and indeed, just about anyone they can find, every day in order to frighten us into retreating. Winning this war will thus ultimately require more than conventional military might. It is in ourselves--as individuals and as a nation--that we will find victory or defeat.

Lieutenant Colonel Powl Smith, U.S. Army, is the former chief of counterterrorism plans at U.S. European Command and is currently in Baghdad with Multi-National Forces-Iraq.

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  1. Only a foolish person would think otherwise...

    It's not WHERE; but WHEN! ...and did our open Southern Border have a part in the "event?" ...

    Normal, Western Civilized people think of life following an "action." Islamofacists and their fellow travelers do not ... true Kamikazes!

    In an era when a simple book of matches with a fuse device (cigarette); can cause thousands of dollars damage, thousands of forest acres destoyed and thousands of individuals, families and businesses to be effected...a small "dirty" device, pathogenic or chemical weapon(s) can be produced and delivered to target(s) without much of an imagination or effort. ...