Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Yesterday, I noted the NYTimes Magazine article in which Kerry uttered his stupefying statement about returning to the time when terrorism is just a nuisance, likening it to prostitution and gambling. Many bloggers pointed out that these activities are by and large consensual acts whose harm is primarily to those who indulge in the activity. Although some are hurt by the activities, they are not activites aimed at harming large numbers of people who are uninvolved. Today,
Hugh Hewitt wrote a phrase that caught my eye. He said Kerry "does not understand we are really and truly at war --not in some vast nuisance abatement action." This is one of the things I like about reading blogs. There are so many
that challenge my thoughts and so many that present information that we never hear, read or see in the media. Large numbers of people will never read my posts, but I find it satisfying to write what I think. Perhaps that is what comes with age when social interactions are more limited and that many are with people who are not concerned with things that stimulate my mind. Past serious interests involved in maintaining a home for my family, gardening and planning for the future have given way to greater interest in current events and my all time favorite pastime of reading. As I am in the sunset years of my life, I think more of what kind of world am I going to leave to my son and other young members of my total family.
I may be here for another twenty years or twenty minutes but I am assured of my destination because of Christ's sacrifice for me. I look forward to the time of perfect peace and yet know the time for this is not known. Therefore I will keep reading, thinking and blogging.


  1. I pray that there aren't too many people in our great nation that think the same way as Sen. Kerry because at the moment they feel safe and 9/11 is a distant memory for them.

  2. Pat, As one of the "number" that DO read your posts, Thank you for being here and sharing your thoughts. You are appreciated dear sister.

  3. Dear Pat,
    First, I agree with both of the above bloggers! Also, you hit the nail right on the head. Who is anyone to tell us we can't do what they do? Are we incapable? No. Do we research? Yes. Do we find "news" in places these morons will not cover? YES! Keep on Blogging! We never know...someone may stumble onto our blog and ask a serious question. God willing, we will be armed with FACTS. I used to love to read and write, but it wasn't until I got on the computer I had the time or the drive to do so. I thank God. Many blessings heading your way!