Monday, October 04, 2004


Kerry visited Ohio again on Sunday with his latest team member, Jesse Jackson. They visited many predominantly black churches. They attended worship in one of the largest predominantly black churches in Cleveland giving Kerry another ooportunity to infer that the current administration is like the two who crossed the road to avoid the injured man.

Since Kerry sees fit to relate this Biblical parable once again, I will respond again as well.

This parable told by our Lord was evidently too nuanced for John Kerry to understand. The Samaritan did not hold back his funds to use for other Samaritans. Rather he saw a person from a different ethnic group who was badly beaten (think an Iraqi under Saddam). He was the third person to have come upon the beaten man, the first two passed to the other side of the road (think France and Germany or any other country aware of Saddam's use of money meant to feed his people). The Samaratin saw the mans condition and distress and he bandaged him up, took him to an inn and did what he could for him. The Samaritan then gave money to the inn keeper to continue caring for the injured man in the Samaritans abscence. He further promised to reimburse the inn keeper any additional money it took to care for the man until he regained health.

At no time did the Samaritan consider keeping his treasure for himself or other people of Samaria. Samaritans did not have a coalition of allies since they were actually a despised people. Yet this good man thought first of helping someone in dire need despite his country of origin. He did not flaunt his wealth and let someone else foot the bill. The Samaritan had a lot more in common with President Bush who saw a wounded nation and who took the steps, no matter how unpopular, to
bind up this nation. He sent our brightest and best to free the people wounded by Saddam. He offered much of our national treasure to help this nation back to health.

President Bush, the military and the people who support our leader are trying our best to be good Samaritans to a badly wounded people. We are not trying to use our national treasure to promise more entitlement programs to people in our nation in the hope of garnering more votes.

President Bush expresses his faith both in words and deeds. I have never heard him spin scripture into a stump speech to help him win the election. God will judge who has been a good and faithful steward.

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