Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My First Dear John Letter

Dear John,

The standard is a simple John, tell the truth. Truth is what your dying mother was trying to remind you about when she said, "remember, integrity, integrity, integrity." I have a few questions for you. Now remember the standard and your mothers words.

Why do you keep telling seniors that the President is going to privatize Social Security so you frighten them that their source of money is going to disappear? Are you aware that congress plays a very definite role in any change in SS legislation and that the President is looking to devise some way of assuring the young they will have some retirement funds in addition to a somewhat lower SS payout?

Why are you scaring our young men and women saying the President is going to reinstitute the draft? You are the one with a proposal to have mandatory national service while in high school or after graduation, aren't you?

Why did you tell the nation that you had met with ALL of the members of the UN Security Council the week before Resolution 1441? You met with 3 or 4 of the 15 unless the esteemed members of your favorite governing council simply forgot your very diplomatic discussions with them?

Who are the foreign leaders who told you that you had to win?

Why did you blame the President for failure to guard explosives in Iraq before all the facts are known? Seems to me that satellite photos showed a number of trucks crossing the Syrian border just before the war. Are you certain, without any doubt, that those explosives were still there at the start of the war in Iraq? Will you personally stand guard if any other potential hazards are found? Will you personally accept blame for every major error and little setback that occurs in the war?

How are you going to have positive relationships with the leaders of those coerced and bribed coalition partners?

A number of my Iraqi blogger friends are really concerned that you will pull out our troops before they are ready to be totally self sufficient in assuring security for Iraq. You have talked about this, but I have trouble understanding the various things you have said. Can you tell me what your goals are for Iraq?

I have listened to you John. I printed out the transcript of your speech when you accepted the nomination and have reread it several times. I read liberal and conservative newspapers and magazines. I read the commentaries of liberal and conservative bloggers. I understand that for some reason you do not like our President, but I am trying to figure out just how he lied to America. I have lived through all of the wars starting with WWII and know that some things are not said due to diplomatic constraints and the rapid global transfer of information can provide too much information to our enemy. How can you promise to be more forthcoming while the war on terrorism continues?

Why did you laugh at the New York fundraiser when you called foul mouthed people that they were the heart and soul of America? You claim to be a practicing Christian and I am confused and wish you would explain this to me.

Why, when you say we have a responsibility to care for others, does this not include the unborn? These are the most vulnerable in our society. Why did you vote to allow the murder of babies in the process of being born? I know that with modern techniques, it is known ahead of time if a child can not physically pass through the birth canal due to a condition such as hydrocephalus or a mothers inadequate pelvis. Would you stand by and watch a scissors or trocar being jammed into an infants skull so the baby's brain could be sucked out?

What can you tell me about embryonic stem cell research? Why don't we concentrate on adult stem cells which can provide autologous tissues and are easily obtained without destroying life?

I am so sorry John, I never wanted to be the one to write a "Dear John" letter to anyone, but I find I can no longer keep receiving your letters and those of your surrogates without telling you the truth. I cannot vote for you.

Pat in NC

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