Thursday, October 28, 2004

First Amendment Rights

I received the quote below from the Swiftboat and POW group. I have posted on this subject before and I am very concerned about the oppression of First Amendment Rights. Adults should be allowed to see, listen and view whatever they chooseso long as decency laws are not violated. No group or organization should attempt to obstruct others from using Rights granted to all. Have we gotten to the point in America that publishers,TV stations, theatres or booksellers have their livelihood threatened if they choose the "wrong" position in an election year? Why are bloggers criticized for sharing their views? I have learned to be more selective in what I give credence to when posted in blogs or sent me via Email. If issues stated are in error, other bloggers are pretty quick to point out errors so they may be correctd or retracted. If someone posts slanderous materials, refuses to retract or correct, then I am quite certain courts can intevene.

"We have obtained an email from the Kerry campaign which proves his campaign has been actively blocking the ability of the POWs to have their video Stolen Honor played. Three different venues have been booked in the Philadelphia area, and in each instance, the facility cancelled after various threats. It just seems so unfair to us that a man like Michael Moore can readily have his video viewed, but men who were imprisoned for several years by the Vietnamese, such as Congressional Medal of Honor winner Bud Day, would be blocked from the same activity."

You can now view this video by going to

As I have posted before, the obvious attempts to abrogate the rights of men who served our nation honorably motivated me to give my first ever contribution to a
group pertaining to our election process.

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