Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Disenfranchised Voters vs. Voter Fraud PART 2

Voter fraud occurs due to intensive efforts of registering voters prior to elections since
people may be paid according to the number of voters they sign up. Parties may elect to attempt to register only the people they view as being most likely to vote their party line.
It has been reported that some voters with two or more legal residences may in fact be registered in more than one state and vote in person in one state while filing Absentee Ballots in another. This is illegal but would be very costly to cross check the millions
of names on voter lists throughout the nation.

Putting this process into effect in 2005 would assure time to work out problems encountered prior to our next national election. A space for write in votes on ballots would allow third or fourth party candidates to be written in and would not allow
problems such as occurred in Pennsylvania this year where corrected ballots were not printed and mailed in a timely fashion to our military or overseas voters.

National deadlines for mailing out and counting Absentee ballots would be established for national elections. Local and state authorities could determine deadlines for non national elections. I think it would be wise for all states to follow the national standard for fairness, but States should maintain the right to make those determinations.

I prefer paper ballots that offer a chance for recount if an election if very close. The ballot I used this year was a single page with national offices on the front and local offices and amendments on the reverse. The ballot was completed in ink (pens provided) by filling in an oval approximately ¼ inch wide by 1/8 inch high. This is pretty tamper proof. I fed my ballot into the scanner myself.


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  2. The absentee ballot issue is one of the biggest I can see. I like your suggestion, but if one state is "controlled" by either party there is the possibility they could "accidentally" miss the deadline for one reason or another.

    I'm also totally sold on the importance of having to show a picture ID to register and again to vote. Not a national ID but a DL or other picture ID the DMV usually provides for a very small sum.