Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kerry Campaign Already Threatening to Abuse Power

Sinclair Broadcasting Already on Enemies List at Kerry White House because they plan to air a documentary about POWs in North Vietnam. They invited Kerry to be on the program to respond to the POWs claims and would also invite any POWs who feel they did not suffer any worse treatment because of Kerry's Senate testimony.

Today on Fox's Dayside with Linda Vester, Kerry campaign spokesman, Chad Clanton, said "I think they're going to regret doing this. They better hope we don't win."
This is an apparent threat of retaliation from the Kerry White House should Sinclair go ahead with their plans.

Tonight on Fox news, A Sinclair spokesman said that with the various veterans and POWs speaking out, this is legitimate news. If Kerry chooses not to be part of the program it will perhaps be full film with less discussion instead of clips with much discussion.

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  1. Dear Pat,
    sKerry is mean. He is a leftie who believes that only certain people should have money, because they know how to best spend it (on programs they like.) I don't worry about him, though, because they are not going to win.

    Yes, the French are deplorable. So are the Germans, Chinese, and Russians! They were all in on it. The 3 business guys from the USA better be investigated to make sure they have clean hands. After all, we were buying oil from Iraq. That was no secret. I just want to make sure everything was above board. How are you? Well, I hope. God bless you and our President's family and him!